Chittaranjan Park – Mini-Kolkata of New Delhi

Hub of Probashi Bangalis – Chittaranjan Park of New Delhi

Chittaranjan Park or CR Park is pretty much synonymous to ‘Kolkata’ in New Delhi. Every Bengali residing in Delhi is almost instantaneously thought to be living in Chittaranjan Park, one of the largest Bengali community outside the borders of Bengal. 

Not many people know about the history and origin of Chittaranjan Park. Before it came to its present avatar, this area was probably, one of the most barren pieces of land which could have no other purpose than dwelling. Authorities decided to name it as EPDP Colony , ie. East Pakistan Displaced Persons Colony. Somewhere in the 60’s, over 2000 families displaced from East Bengal after partition of India, were allotted this place on a 99 years lease. Over the period of time, the ownership was converted to freehold and today, C R Park is one of the most affluent places in the city.

Highlights of C R Park Markets

In whichever corner of the city you might reside, there is only one place where you will find authentic Bengali food stalls. C R Park market offers you everything that a market in Kolkata would offer. Starting from fully loaded Chittaranjan Park Fish Markets, in both Market 1 and Market 2 to Grocery Stores. Or, Mudi’r Dokan as we would call it in Bangla, stacking pretty much everything from Chanachur (Bengali Namkeen), Chattu (Roasted Gram Flour) to Bodi (Dried Lentil Dumplings). 

C r Park Delhi Chittaranjan Park MarketA typical Grocery Store in a market in Kolkata would also present a similar picture where products would be put at display outside to catch passerby’s attention.

 From Mukhorochok (Bengali Namkeen) to Chire-Bhaja (Spiced Dry-Roasted Chiwra)

C R Park Markets

Whether you need some snacks or a meal-between-meals, this section has it all. Dry roasted Rice puffs, Bengal Gram, Salted Peanuts, or a mix of all of these. Shops like this will surely never let you go hungry. On the top of it, everything here comes cheap and very affordable.

Best Place To Buy Bengali Exotic Vegetables & Fruits in Delhi

Chittaranjan Park MarketsIf you need to buy Laal Note Shak (Red Amaranth), Pui Shak (Malabar Spinach), Paaka Kumro (Red Pumpkin) or native Bengali fruits like Kuul (Jujubes), Kanthal (Jackfruit), or Jamrul (Wood Apple) there is only one place in New Delhi where you will get all this at one place, at Chittaranjan Part Markets. Both Market 1 and Market 2 boast of various Vegetable & Fruits vendors which stock everything seasonal and fresh. Priced slightly higher than what you might would pay back at home in Bengal. 

CR Park is the best place to do shopping for Bengali festivals like Durga Pujo or Jamai Soshti.

One-Stop-Shop for Bengali Street Food In New Delhi At Chittaranjan Park

C R Park Market Food Stall Chicken Roll

Be it Kolkata Kathi Roll, Chicken Fry or Moglai Porota served with a dollop of tangy & pungent Kasundi (Bengali Mustard Sauce), there is only one place in New Delhi where you need to reach, Chittaranjan Park market. The Market 1 would offer a bevy of stalls all ready to dish out freshly prepared Egg-Chicken Rolls which would be sumptuously filled with spiced chicken chunks and sliced onions and sauces. No Mayo, though! And, thank the Lord for that! 

Kolkata Street Food Chicken fry in Delhi

A grand holler to all those who are in love with Bengali street food as Chittaranjan Park Markets offer the best of everything from Phuchka to Macher Chop (Fish Croquette) to Dimer Devil (Egg Croquette). And if you are vegetarian, then also we have a large variety of snacks to enjoy upon like Mocha’r Chop (Banana Flower Croquette), Enchore’r Chop (Jackfruit Croquette), Aloo’r Chop (Potato Fritters), Beguni (Aubergine Fritter) and so many more.

Looking for best Fish Fry in Delhi? Check out this place ASAP!!

Bengali Puja Samagri Shop

C R Park Markets Delhi

This place offers everything that you might need to perform any kind of pujo at your place. If you are having and ritual or wedding at your end, then you know where to reach to buy everything that can be needed. Just make a list out or even if not, just reach there and tell them the purpose of pujo and they will sort out your shopping list neatly. 

Highlight of C R Park Market: Fish Markets at Market 1 & 2


The numerous Bengali Fish Recipes that you see on my website owe their origin to this market which offers me the best collection of Bengali Riverine & Marine Fishes. Bhetki (Barramunda), Rui (Rohu or Carp), Padba (Catfish), Chingri (Prawns & Shrimps) to the exotic ones like Illish (Hilsa), they offer you the best catch at the very best rates. 

C R Park Fish Markets: Over-Priced or it’s Just a Myth?

It is more of a myth that C R Park fish markets charge you more. However, I find the price reasonable and almost at par the rates prevalent in the fish markets of Kolkata. If you are able to make friends with the fish mongers, then they would readily guide you regarding the quality of their catch. Being a novice, I have found myself asking for their help on numerous occasions and I have never been disappointed.   

Points of Interest in Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi

  • Raisina Bengali School
  • Prominent Temple Shiv Mandir or C R Park Kalibari
  • Chittaranjan Bhawan
  • Bangiya Samaj
  • Chamber of prominent Homeopath, Dr. Kalyan Bannerjee

Nearest Metro Station to C R Park – Nehru Place Metro Station which falls on the Violet Line of Delhi Metro Network is barely a kilometer away from C R Park. You can catch an autorickshaw from the station and hail a ride for 50-60 rupees.

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  1. Kanchu Avatar

    which is the most sought after kasundi available in CR Park and what price which shop

    1. speakingaloud Avatar

      I have bought Kasundi from DRUK and it has turned out to be quite good. I guess, it costs somewhere around 50 bucks for 200g bottle.

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