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Eau Chew – Lamp-Bearer of Kolkata’s Chinese Food

Eau Chew Kolkata Restaurant Chinese food

Upon entering Eau Chew, an eight decades-old establishment, you will be first welcomed by some very old photos of senior clan members watching you from the mantelpiece. The rest is taken care of by the subtle authentic aura of Chinese incense and the blissful sound of a few hanging chimes.

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O Coqueiro Restaurant – A Portuguese Shack You Shouldn’t Miss in Diu

While the food on this island is hugely satisfying, one place that has made its mark among all the visitors is O Coqueiro Graden Restaurant. With nothing to do with its Goan counterpart, which also goes by the same name, this simple front-yard restaurant is currently #2 restaurant in Diu as per popular travel review website, Tripadvisor.