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Instant Bhatura [Video Recipe]

Instant bhaturey recipe

This instant bhatura recipe is quick, easy and absolutely lip-smacking with a bowl of spicy of chana masala. One of the most popular Indian breakfast dishes, Chole Bhature is often a weekend indulgence for many North Indian foodies. Chole or White Chickpeas cooked with an array of Indian spices gets served with Bhaturey or unleavened Indian flatbread that has been deep-fried in any neutral oil.

easy naan bread recipe

Instant Naan Recipe

If you are looking for quick & easy naan recipe without using any yeast, then you have reached the right place. This recipe for naan bread uses yogurt along with flour and gives slightly chewy and the right amount of tangy naans for your curries.

Tiramisu Mug Cake Recipe

Tiramisu Mug Cake Recipe

If you love chocolate, coffee or both, then this Tiramisu Mug Cake is the perfect dessert recipe for you. Absolutely easy to put together, all you need is some good coffee, flavorful vanilla extract and a bit of good quality cocoa powder to dust on top for perfection.