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Bengali Kolai Dal er Bori Recipe

Bengali Kolai Dal er Bori recipe

Dal er Bori or বড়ি is a unique way of preserving lentils by making sun-dried dumplings out of them. Bengali dal er bori recipe is mostly made of kolai dal or urad dal, which is also known as white lentils. Soaked dal is coarsely ground and left to ferment before laying it out in the sun in the form of small dumplings spread over a cloth or mat.

Homemade Granola recipe

Homemade Honey & Oats Granola Recipe

This homemade granola recipe with honey and rolled oats is healthy, vegan and refined sugar-free. Oats and honey combined with chopped nuts, seeds and dried fruits give you the very best granola for weight loss and healthy living. Here I will give you the ultimate granola recipe with tones of alternates and variations so that you can make the best healthy granola with whatever you have in your pantry!

easy homemade Bengali Tomato chutney recipe

Bengali Tomato Chutney-Jelly Recipe

This sweet Bengali tomato chutney is perfect when you have season’s fresh tomatoes flooding your local farmer’s market. You can quickly turn a big bunch of ripe tomatoes into this delicious tangy yet mildly spicy tomato chutney. This tomato jelly has a very good shelf life so that you can enjoy a spoonful of this for the next couple of weeks.

red chili hot sauce recipe

Red Chili Hot Sauce Recipe

This Red Chili Hot Sauce is a multipurpose sauce that one should have in their pantry, all the time. Make a dip for your potstickers or spice up your stir-fries with this super easy hot sauce. If you want to take my word for it, make a big batch of this and keep it in your fridge for just in case when you need to amp up your dishes!

Aam Jhol - Aamer Tok Chutney

Aam Jhol | Green Mango Curry Chutney

This Aam Jhol recipe is probably the most staple green mango recipe which gets made in a Bengali household. Calling it a ‘Green Mango Curry Chutney’ is my way of explaining you the dish where the green mangoes or kacha aam is tempered with a couple of spices before cooked with sugar for a sweet and almost soup-like delicious chutney.

Kancha Aamer Chutney

Kancha Aamer Chatni/Chutney | Bengali Green Mango Chutney

This Kancha Aamer Chutney (Chatni) or Green Mango Chutney is probably the best summer special chutney to go with simple and light summer dishes. Plus, it has absolutely zero oil, and by that, I mean no oil or butter in any form whatsoever! And….takes barely 10 minutes to get this ready. Oh! Did I tell you it practically needs only 3 ingredients and a Pressure Cooker (or Instant Pot)?

Instant mango pickle

Mango Pickle Recipe with Green Chilies & Garlic

This instant mango pickle recipe with fiery hot green chillies and garlic is perfect quick & easy to make pickle recipe which will spice up your meals in no time. Already a roaring success among my friends and family, now its time for you try this finger-licking green mango pickle recipe. Unlike rest of the traditional Indian pickle recipes, it does not need to be kept in the sun for days after days. All you have to do is bring the ingredients together and get this done under an hour.